What is PassportEats.ca?

The aim is to collect, list, share, and promote Alberta establishments that will participate in the "Restrictions Exemption Program" (Vaccine Passports, they are called passports!). No ads, no data collected and sold, no cost to use the site.

Who runs this site?

I'm a private citizen that prefers to focus on local issues. You can find me on Twitter if you like at @tooq. I used to work in the hospitality industry, I own a small business, and I'm a lifelong Albertan. I've built some sites you may have heard of in the news: ymmfire.ca to help those fleeing the Fort Mac fires (now offline), https://alberta15.ca to help promote businesses that disagreed with the minimum wage rollback for minors (also where I copied this site from to save some time). 

What's the Catch When I Post Here?

There is none. No advertising, no selling submitted info. I'm a small business owner, a fan of shopping local, and this isn't a money making endeavour. If this takes off and compiles a list of responsible businesses in Alberta and helps to promote vaccinations, then that's enough for me. Need more details? Use the form below and I'll respond to your questions. The site does utilize Google Analytics so I can keep an eye on traffic and general behaviours. Form data is obviously used to run the site.

Media and Queuries

Contact form is below should you have questions.